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When Greater Technologies was founded in 2011, it was with a singular mission: Provide our customers with access to high-quality, professional home entertainment solutions that deliver uncompromised affordability.

We succeed at this mission by listening to what our customers want, providing recommendations on what products would meet the overall project goals and by flawlessly executing on scope, schedule and budget. Whether your project is something as simple as installing a HDTV on the wall or something more complicated like controlling your home theater with your tablet, we can help with these projects and everything in between. Visit our Projects page for additional ideas for your home.

At GreaterTek, we want to be your advocate, not just your installer. We can help you put together a total plan for your Connected Home, and then execute on that plan based on your needs and your budget. We work diligently to maximize your current technology investments and combine them with new components to create your ideal entertainment ecosystem.

Bringing the Connected Home to Your Home

Convergence has been a topic of interest in the Consumer Electronics industry for several years now, as more computing-type devices are being integrated with televisions, set-top boxes, even refrigerators!

Today, it's possible to open your garage door, unlock the front door, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, turn on the television and start playing music all with an average smartphone or tablet. And while there is still some expense to this "connected home", it is a far cry from the thousands of dollars it was even five years ago.

On Controls is a unique hardware and software solution that allows you to control your consumer electronics gear with a smartphone or tablet through an interface that is completely customizable.

At GreaterTek, we can build a custom remote control for your media room, as well as extend that control to other areas of the house, including security, HVAC and lighting. Plus, an OnControls solution can end up saving you hundreds, even thousands over similar competing control systems.

GreaterTek is a licensed OnControls dealer
Learn more at OnControls.com

Bringing Your Entertainment to the Great Outdoors

The Outdoor Room is one of our favorite areas of the home in North Texas. While the summers can be quite sweltering, we typically have several months in the Spring and the Fall where these outdoor areas draw us outside. Take advantage of your space with comfortable deep seating, outdoor speakers and a high-pressure misting system to keep you a little more comfortable during the dog days of summer.

This little guy has it made in his Outdoor Room!

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