Zone 2 Audio Demystified

Many stereo receivers/amplifiers on the market today feature a second zone for audio output for use with a pair of speakers located in a different area like a patio or bedroom. What is not always as obvious is getting your electronics components (Bluray, cable box, etc) to output audio signals...

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Hang a TV Like a Pro

GreaterTEK hdtv installation

One of the hallmarks of a great television installation is not just seeing your beautiful tv floating against the wall, but it’s also in what you don’t see.  No messy HDMI cables or power cords obstructing an otherwise perfect view.  When planning your tv installation, here are some tips to...

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[DESIGN] The Media Room

There are literally hundreds of articles on the internet that deal with how to design and build the perfect media room.  This is NOT another one of those articles.  This, instead, is an article that provides advice on how to design and build a media room that can take advantage...

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