Smart House but Dumb Internet

Commercials are supposed to convey information with a little bit of entertainment value, and Frontier’s new series of “Smart Home” commercials are no exception. And while the assertion that today’s Smart Home needs a smarter Internet is true, the reality is that today’s traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do not...

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The 2018 Smart Home

I’ve always wanted to live in a Smart Home.  Like, a really Smart Home.  Occupancy sensors to control lights and temperature!  Automated shades that open and close based on time of day!  Cameras that keep tabs on our pets when we’re away!  For years, these capabilities have existed, but the biggest...

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Simple Hacks to Increase Your Home’s IQ

greater technologies installs sonos speaker systems

We’ve probably all fantasized about coming home in the evening after a hard day’s work, sitting down in our favorite easy chair, picking up our favorite tablet and remotely turning on the A/V equipment, setting the lights to just the right level, turning on some calming music and adjusting the...

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